Values and Culture
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The corporate culture plays a significant role in Jereh’s growth. The core values are expected behaviors, anchored in our beliefs and priorities. They guide us to conduct the business in responsible and sustainable ways and enable us to be a trusted partner to our customers.

  • Focus on Customer Needs
    Jereh exists only to serve customers. Without focus on their needs, we cannot last longer than three months. To survive, we must create value for customers by satisfying their needs
  • Value Employee Dedication
    Only dedicated employees can distinguish Jereh from the competition. Our employees are our best asset, so we value their contributions and reward them accordingly
  • Continuously Improving To Be the Best
    As change occurs, so should our ideas. Usually what defeats a company is an internal, rather than an external force. Apathy, complacency, and numbness within the workforce can only lead to failure. Continuous improvement in an open manner assures Jereh more risk-conscious and innovative. Be fearless in every task, work hard and strive to be the industry’s best
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  • Vision
    To be a global leader in providing specialized oil & gas engineering solutions.
  • Mission
    Focus on customers’ challenges, provide competitive solutions and create long-term value for customers.
  • Spirit
    Always look forward. Never give up. Nothing is impossible.
  • Goal
    To build a worldwide brand, and make Jereh go from success to success.
  • Purpose
    Create value for our customers, create wealth for the society, provide opportunities for our staff, provide a return for our investors and secure growth for Jereh’s future.