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Building a Sustainable Future

Jereh dedicated to the field of sustainable development, contributing to the advancement of energy transition, enhancing resilience and efficiency. Jereh offers comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions for carbon capture and blue hydrogen related projects to help clients meet net zero goals and mitigate CO2 emissions globally.

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) is essential to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. And it is one of the few decarbonization mechanisms that is technically viable today.

| Jereh CCUS value chain

Carbon Capture

Low energy consumption, low solvent consumption, and high CO2 recovery rate.

Carbon Utilization and Storage

Carbon dioxide oil flooding, energy storage fracturing, huff and puff, oil well formation stimulation, and heavy oil extraction.

| Blue Hydrogen

Jereh can provide blue hydrogen production facility and subsequent synthesis of ammonia and methanol EPC service.

What is 'green' hydrogen?

Hydrogen produced via electrolysis, by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen using electricity from renewable sources. Sometimes called "green" hydrogen.

What is 'bluehydrogen?

Hydrogen produced from natural gas and later decarbonised using Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is sometimes called "blue" or decarbonised hydrogen.