Quality Management
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Jereh's quality management system forms a centralized framework by which we manage quality control standards across the Company operations. Our system is based on the requirements of ISO 9001, and the hierarchy of the system is comprised of four levels.


  • Engineering Quality
    • Engineering Personnel Competencies
    • Design Review (Check Print and Color Coding)
    • Squad Check
    • Technical Peer Review
    • Design Verification
    • Design Validation
    • Control of Design Changes
  • Procurement Quality
    • MR/Criticality Rating/Inspection Level
    • Supplier Assessment and Selection
    • Inspection and Test during Fabrication
    • Handling Fabrication/Manufacturing Non-conformance Logistic
    • Warehouse Management
  • Construction Quality
    • Construction Contractor Assessment and Selection
    • Inspection and Test Planning and Implementation
    • Special Process Control (Welding, Heat Treatment, NDT, etc.)
    • Handling Construction Non-conformance
    • Management of Contractor QC and Supervision
  • Commissioning Quality
    • Commissioning Procedure
    • Pre-commissioning
    • Cold commissioning
    • Hot commissioning
    • Record and Check the Plant Operation Data