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For each and every stage from project proposal offer to project commissioning, start-up, performance test and operation, Jereh can organize high efficient teams and develop the most competitive integrated project solutions. Jereh has a full-lifecycle project management, control and analysis system for the demand of customer, contractor, subcontractor and supplier.

| Project Management Target

Project Management solutions ensure our highest level performing resources are working on your most important projects, measuring and justifying the level of efforts required to complete each of project tasks.  Our single integrated solution allows you to:

• Remove obstacles by efficient decision making and business performance.

• Establish and maintain standards which are critical to project and program success.

• Improve decision making and accountability through enterprise-wide visibility, workflows and collaboration.

• Enable end-to-end seamless communication for individual insight, team productivity, and project success.

• Identify and deploy quickly the most qualified and available people to project work.

• Provide leading indicators so that potential issues are addressed before impacting project delivery milestones, budget and other project delivery objectives.

• Analyze the validity of the project execution plan, identify project schedule, resources, risk, and cost probability, and manage risk with confidence levels; and Create detailed project schedules with contingency plans to ensure that risky projects as well as main stream projects will be executed within project constraints.

| Project Management Processes

To ensure we deliver project solutions right first time, we have established our Project Management Processes for the management and control of medium and large projects and have multiple project teams, delivering projects in every Continent at any one time. We have a common approach to project delivery management which involves both the use of project delivery systems and daily management techniques taken from our Company assets. We continuously improve our practices, tools processes, procedures, techniques and metrics by utilizing:

• HSE Management 

• Commercial Management 

• Scope Management 

• Schedule Management 

• Cost Control 

• Quality Management 

• Human Resource Management

• Communication Management
• Risk Management
• Design Management
• Procurement Management
• Construction Management
• Completion Management

| Project Workflow Process