Oilfield Surface Engineering
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Jereh’s professional teams have rich experience in oilfield surface engineering, and are capable of providing all-round technical support and service covering crude oil gathering and transmission, well producing fluid metering, crude oil dehydration, oil desalination, crude oil H₂S removal, oil stabilization, associated gas processing, LPG and NGL recovery, storage and transportation, production water treatment and injection, CO₂ EOR producing fluid processing, CO₂ separation and compression and CO₂ injection.

| Business Scope
  • Surface engineering for conventional oilfield development
  • Surface engineering for condensate oil field development
  • Surface engineering for heavy oil field development
  • Surface engineering for beach shallow oilfield
  • Oilfield water/gas injection engineering for EOR
Technical Expertise
Oil Producing Well Gathering Technology
Oil Well Metering Technology
Crude Oil Processing Technology
Associated Gas Processing Technology
Production Water Treatment and Injection