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Our capabilities and expertise cover a range of process technologies. We are positioned to support oil & gas projects of any size and scale, onshore or offshore, brownfield modification projects, major facility upgrades or greenfield mega projects.

| Proprietary Technologies
• Phase Separation
• Dehydration (Glycol and Solid Adsorbents)
• Gas Sweetening/Acid Gas Removal
• HC Dew Point Control
• Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treatment
• Gas Boot
• Heavy Oil Separation
• NGL Fractionation
• Mercury Removal
• Mercaptans Removal
• Desalt/ Dehydration
| Major Patents
• Fresh water fiber-ball processing facility
• Mobile black oil separator and testing facility
• Produced water treatment facility
• Skid mounted gas power generation facility
• Natural Gas Liquefaction, storage and gasification facility
• A new type of natural gas metering facility
• Gas-liquid separation and metering skid-mounted equipment
• Advanced skid-mounted ethylene glycol regeneration equipment
• Advanced molecular sieve dehydration tower
• Advanced skid-mounted high-efficiency oil-water separation facility
• Advanced LPG recovery facility