Underground Gas Storage
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The main functions of the underground gas storage include gas peak shaving and emergency  gas supply, strategic reservation, increasing pipeline constant transportation, and reducing gas OPEX.

The scope of work of underground natural gas storage that Jereh can undertake includes

• Flow line and wellhead facilities of gas injection / production well.
• Gas distributing trunk line.
• Distribution of gas injection system (including compressor sets).
• Gas treatment system (hydrocarbon dew point/water dew point control system).
• Monitoring system of operation and safety of underground gas storage.
• Emergency safety relief system.
• Utilities (auxiliary facilities such as water supply, power supply and communication).

| Our Advantages

• Compressor Packager (including high-speed reciprocating compressor and large-displacement centrifugal compressor).
• Optimized combination technology of reciprocating + centrifugal compressors.
• Mature large-flow low temperature processing technology of well fluid.
• Rich operation and maintenance experience (including safety monitoring system and gas injection system).
• Task force and efficient supply of emergency spare parts.