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With rapid demand of intelligent oilfield and the development of information and communication technologies, Jereh builds digital and intelligent solutions to meet our clients' operating strategies and project objectives. We strive to deliver value-adding digital and intelligent solutions, so our clients can obtain as much management data and information of operation and maintenance as possible, acquiring guarantee for the maintenance, management and production in the whole life cycle of the plant. Here list our major digital & intelligent solutions for clients in oil and gas industry.

• Asset Management System including diagnostic of the field devices
• Advanced Asset Management system consisting of process and equipment healthiness, prediction, optimization, and advance process control
• Historian Visualization and KPI
• Alarm Management System
• Video Management System
• Plant Information Management Systems
• Wireless vibration monitoring
• Field transmitters and CCTV to allow for equipment virtual inspection
• Electrical Network Monitoring and Control System (ENMCS)
• Digital twin of the plant, including actual 3D visualization with live feed from wireless IOT CCTV
• Antivirus and security patch update for all system
• Develop dashboarding at network Level 4 (Petronet) for high level plant monitoring